Pit Bull Who Is Obsessed With Cats Which He Decided To Have His Own Litter Of Kittens!


jOzzy is a lovely dog who didn’t give up to have a family of cute kittens.

His human family decided to surprise him by making his dreams to become true.

In late June, they took in a pregnant neighbourhood cat named Winnie. She was living on the streets and they wanted to help her.

Winnie gave birth to five kittens and Ozzy couldn’t be more happy than to be with them or to be part of her family.

Ozzy is very attentive and helps Winnie to take care of her kittens.

He loves to spend time with them, he plays with them and he even is very protective with them too.

Ozzy never gives up on love and he likes to love these cute kittens all time.

He just want them to be safe and loved as he is by his human family. !!

Via The Dodo

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