Police Shut Down The Whole Road To Rescue A Little Kitten !!


Police always know what to do when is about rescuing and saving human’s lives and sometimes animal’s lives.

In Auckland, New Zealand, the police got a call that a small cat was trying to cause accidents on the Southwestern Motorway.

Police came to the place and found a tiny kitten huddled against a concrete barrier.

One of the officers tried to approach her but she bolted across three lanes of live traffic. The police decided to close the entire highway down.

They were able to wrangle the kitten and bring her to safety.

The kitty now lives with her new owner and her three daughters. They named her Dobby and she is doing well.

She even has a best friend, a dog named Winky. They became inseparables and they like to play together.

Via The Dodo

Thanks to the police this kitten finally is living a happy life. !!

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