This Puppy Was Abandoned In A Sealed Box, But Hope Saved Her !!


This poor puppy was beaten up and left in a sealed box, until a kind samaritan heard a soft thumping sound from a nearby dumpster.

His curiosity was bigger and decided to check what was it?. He opened the box and discovered something outrageous.

A 4-month-old puppy inside of the box, who had been abused that she couldn’t even move anymore. She was taken to ER, and they saved her.

Her condition was critical, but the veterinarians didn’t give up. They named her Sally.

Now she is getting better and moved into a foster home. Her foster mother, Patti, came to pick Sally up from the animal hospital and got happy greeting from Sally.

A few months later, she was recovered and her change is totally impressive. She became stronger and also more beautiful.

She also got adopted and now lives happy with her forever family.

Source: Weloveanimals

This is a story with a tragic beginning but with a happy ending, which it is something that I like to read everyday. !!

Good for Sami, she deserves more good things . !!

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