Let’s meet this 8 months old, Lana, who at very early age she already got the hearts of many people. The reason is simply and very cute in the same time.

She lives in Brazil and was rescued from the streets with her siblings late last year. She was adopted by Sullen and her fiancé.

All of them make an incredible family together.

One day Lana was acting strange with her parents decided to see what was happening.

They found her dragging her blanket outside to share with another dog who seemed that was living on the streets.

They tried to get closer to the other dog but overtime he runs away. In the meantime they love food and water for him when he comes back.

This is a solidarity action shared with love and hope thanks to this good dog.

Lana is the sweetest dog ever. If only the humans can learn from her good actions to share with others unconditionally. !!

Source: The Dodo

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