Senior Cat Cant Stop Crying When He Is Not Being Held!


I introduce you Dougie, this cat sure knows how to take people’s hearts.

He was taken at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland (ARL), a nonprofit shelter that serves more than 4,000 homeless displaced animals per year.

Dougie, a 15-years-old tabby arrived at the shelter in 2015 with few health problems.

The staff worked to get him better, and he recovered. The staff thought he was ready to be adopted but then something else happened.

He got used to be held all time. When staff would be busy doing other things, then he would be crying already.

He just demands to be held because he just loves it.

ARL decided to do something and shared on the ARL Facebook on 2017 an incredible idea.

Robert, one of the team members created a baby born allowing to hold Dougie and do his job in the same time.

Via Animalchannel

Finally, Dougie met his future human, a social worker named Ashely Perkins who loves Dougie a lot and she made sure to bring him in a baby wrap to his new home.

He is happy now enjoying the life he wants and of course demanding that he is being held all time. That’s the only way he feels that he is really loved. !!

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