Senior Cat Is More Than Happy To Have A Baby Sister!


You will meet here the best brothers ever, they are cute cats named Squinty and Trova.

Zupko is the owner of these adorable cats, she explains that Squinty has been in her life for 15 years, they also have a dog named Fibber.

All of them, make a big family already, but then another member more came to the family.

Zupko’s daughter was born and the cats couldn’t be more than happy and enthusiastic to know that they have the most beautiful sister ever.

They take care of her, specially Squinty he is very overprotective with her.

He even sleeps next to her crib making sure that she is fine.

He likes to cuddle up against her.

Squinty just wants to make her feel that she is loved and protected by him, he just can’t stop loving her.

Elly Zupko Via The Dodo

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