Soldier Is Forced To Leave Dog That He Rescued In Iraq, Now Look What Happened When They Saw Each Other Again!


Ken Wyrsch used to work at an army base in Iraq, he met Ollie when he was just a little puppy and immediately won all the soldier’s hearts.

They welcomed him to their place and began taking care of him. Ken and Ollie became the best friends and also became an important part of Ken’s life.

But everything changed when Ken had leave Iraq and return home to California.

The whole army was being shut down, which Ollie could lose his friends and live on the streets again.

Ken knew that he had to do something and he contacted SPCA International and asked if the could help him to bring him to California.

After one moth, thanks to the donations, Ollie was finally in USA with Ken.

This video will show the lovely reaction when they reunited together again. Ollie and Ken now are together forever. !!

Source: CBS SF Bay Area

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