The Cat Reaction After Seeing The New Hair Cut Of Her Brother. Totally Insane!


Cats are the most amazing creatures in the world. Their behaviours at home could bring joy and laughter. The siblings luna and jasper are two adorable kitties who can’t live away from each other, so close. One day, their human decided to get them a haircut. Things have changed since the new haircut between the brother and sister. Luna has never seen her brother like this before.

She was shocked to see the strange look on her brother. She couldn’t fathom why the sudden change. Watch the video to witness the reaction of luna towards the haircut of her brother jasper. She didn’t like it at all. The poor jasper is alone all by himself.

He missed the old times but luna was unable to stay away from him a long time. Finally, she realised that jasper is the same even if he had a different haircut. Have a look at the reaction of the kitties here!

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