Tiny Cubs Trapped In A Small Box At The Airport For 7 Days!


Three beautiful Siberian tiger cubs were sent by plane from Ukraine to Syria.

Sadly, between that time they were at Beirut airport for 7 days in a tiny filthy box.

They were just left at the airpot until somebody came and saw that the box was unmarked and it didn’t indicate what the box had inside of it.

That person opened the box and found three small Siberian tiger cubs.

They were rescued by Animal’s Lebanon and they were in a terrible shape.

Their paws were extremely red and raw from standing in their urine for long time.

A vet came and got them vaccinated and microchipped.

Now their owner is fighting to get them back, but in the same time Animal’s Lebanon has submitted their case to be confiscated from their original owner.

Now they are protected under the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species.

Hoping these three precious creatures feel protected and loved too. !!

Via The Animal Rescue Site

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