Trucker And His Rescue Cat Co-Pilot Go For Adventures !!


Sure for Paul Robertson doesn’t need somebody to be with him in his adventures, but he has something better, his friend the cat, Percy.

It passed one year already when he rescued this orange tabby. The trucker was driving and in his way he noticed a small cat, he stopped and checked for him.

There were healed injuries to his right eye and one of his canine teeth was missing. Robertson decided to make him with him and to be family together.

Robertson loves animal and is very devoted and thanks to him, Percy got saved.

According to his Facebook page Facebook page they like to travel around the country and Percy is very affectionate to him.

Now Robertson, finds a new reason to smile everyday and of course he is not alone again.

via Facebook/Paul Preflash Gordon Robertson

He has the best company ever next to him, who wouldn’t be happy to have Percy as a friend right ?.

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