Veteran Wanted To Suicide Then He Heard Something !!


We know that many veterans after serving our country, they are left with a permanent scarred from their service in the military.

This was the case of Marino who suffered a brain injury in Iraq which caused post-traumatic stress disorder. He didn’t want to continue to live his life which he decided to put an end to his own life by killing himself.

He wrote a letter on his computer, took the last smoke and suddenly he heard a soft meow coming from the bushes.

He just walked to check out and then found this beautiful kitten. He took him home with him and forgot about killing himself.

He named him Scout and this cat saved his life.

They are together now, after that Marino started to date a girl, they both love Scout.

Not only he is happy now thanks to his cat but he also quit smoking.

Source: Mutual Rescue

It seems that this cat is just a hero that came in the right time to save his human father. !!

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