Well, There Are Now Strict And Funny Diets For Fat Cats !!


Lets meet Meatball, a cat that will make you like him right away. In his younger days, he used to be a slimmer cat, but now the situation is changed.

He just got fat, but his owner knew what to do next to help him lose weight and to stay healthy. Meatball lives in Hong Kong with his companion, Mochi, and their two kids: Nugget and Pepper, His owner decided to built partitions to separate them during mealtimes.

The partitions were crafted from a cardboard, and they fabricated some sake wine and sewed to the from of each partition.

Like this all these cats will have their private dinner.

Here they show you more details about it and also the last updates of Meatball on Facebook. Check out for your cat, well if you cat is fat. !!

Source: Meatball & Mochi

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