Kelly Benzel was looking for a dog to be with her, and she met this pit bull mix on Facebook, knowing that the previous owners had only owned him a few months. She bought Rocco for her family. When she took him in her car on her way home, she started to smell something bad. She couldn’t hold it anymore and decided to pull over to check it out.

She took off the harness and revealed a gash on his neck that was very infected. She took him to doctors, they put bandages on his wound and gave him medicine to heal to sent him home with his new family.

She called the seller to speak about the situation, which the seller tried to bribe her by saying the previous owners would pay the bills. Kelly called the local police and explained them about the situation.

Rocco’s previous owner explained that they didn’t have no clue about it. They and the seller were charged with a $1,500 signature bond. and given a court day.


Let’s wait for Rocco to make justice, at least Rocco is with a good family now. !!

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