Woman Gets Shocked After Seeing That Her Cat Was Sold Online For 69$!


Definitely, this story you don’t read everyday. Kelly Samuels lives in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Casper the kitty was having a lot of health issues.

Kelly tried to help the kitty but taking him to the vet. She tried treatments for her kitten but her kitten wasn’t getting any better.

She decided to let the kitten with the vet and she even told him if the kitty was facing more struggle, then it would be better to put the kitten to sleep.

Kelly came back home and one of her kids found out that the kitten was sold online for $69, which Kelly was shocked and mad in the same time.

It seems that the kitten was safe and his health was getter, Kelly tried to get the kitty back but the vet refused.

She decided to make a campaign to get back the kitten and in the end she got the kitten back.

She came home with the kitty and her kids were happy again to see him.

 Via Awwtopia

Finally, they are together again and Casper is more stronger than ever.

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